Sorry Ecards – How Many Did You Send Last Month?


Sorry Ecards – How Many Did You Send Last Month?

We are all human. And we all make mistakes. But not all of us apologize. Let us look into this. All right, do you remember how many ecards expressing Sorry were sent by you during last month? How many times did you say sorry to somebody? Most of us will not know and we are not supposed to keep any count. This article is about the art of sending sorry ecards to express apology foe our mistakes.

Human beings are strange creatures, much different than other animals. Not many animals have emotions. But we have them in plenty. The emotions and our ego make us act in ways that may hurt others. Some of the mistakes made by us are unintentionally and small. Such as steeping on somebody’s feet by mistake while walking on the road. In such situations, most of us utter a sorry quickly. This has become second nature to most of us.

We don’t shy away from expressing apologies to unknown strangers. But when it comes to people close to us, somehow we apologize less often. Let me elaborate. For example, if you have hurt someone close by speaking anything bitter to him/her, you will not say sorry...

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